Brand Message

Since 1968, Coroli has been all about ‘winning hearts for generations’. We are a household brand name that cares about our customers’ health, and the high-quality and affordability of all our oils, and our other edible cooking ingredients! Chefs, parents, restaurant owners, and hungry family members alike enjoy the quality taste of their food cooked, baked, or topped in Coroli oil. We are always innovating, thinking, creating, designing, and evolving our products to give you increased wholesome goodness.

Coroli is committed to your health and wellbeing, because we know that being careful about what you eat, and enjoying the food you eat are key to happiness and health. Coroli has been bringing you fine, pure, and fresh edible oils for generations, and is excited to continue to provide you and your family with healthy cooking and baking options. Stay heart healthy and happy with Coroli!