Who We Are

History of Coroli
Coroli was established in 1968, by a well-known European company. The brand was acquired by ADVOC, and since 2004 has been fully owned by ADVOC, who continues to refine, develop, and produce excellent edible oils. Coroli is widely accessible in this region in every nook and cranny of the edible oil market, and are also available for purchase online.

Savoury tasting, heart healthy meals begin with Coroli oils
When it comes to slicing up potatoes, and frying them in oil, don’t forget Coroli oil! Your french fries will have the perfect taste flavour when fried in Coroli oil. Everyone loves Coroli oil, from stay-at-home moms and dads to international chefs to business owners.

Coroli’s authentic and unique flavor is cholesterol free and contains less saturated fat than regular vegetable oil.

Did you know that how you cook your food greatly affects the nutritional value of your food? With Coroli’s premium Corn oil, Sunflower oil, Canola oil and Cooking oil you can be confident that you are preparing healthy and nourishing meals for your family and friends.