Our History

Welcome to ADVOC and Coroli Oil: Established over 48 years ago, Coroli has been bringing satisfied customers top-quality edible oil generation after generation. Coroli Oil, originally owned by CEBAG, was acquired by ADVOC in 2005. ADVOC, Abu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Company, established in 1998, has been continually innovating and creating new ways to bring even more healthy and improved edible oils and other food products to you, our customers.

ADVOC utilizes Europe’s latest technology when refining and packaging oils, and has established a strong portfolio of brands across the Middle Eastern region. ADVOC brings you Coroli oils, as well as a wide-portfolio of other edible products. ADVOC is well-known as a top edible oil distributer in the region and continues to expand their reach in providing you and your family with quality culinary oils.

In 1997, when a team of entrepreneurs joined together in Abu Dhabi, they began their journey to create one of the most globally recognized producers and vendors of edible oils. ADVOC, Abu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Company, has maintained its outstanding reputation throughout the test of time, and is looking forward to bringing the customer top-quality edible oils throughout the future. The vision of ADVOC has remained the same all these years, to be the leading producer of edible oils across the region, and to provide premium quality edible oils that leave a positive and lasting impact on ensuring healthy family living.

The Plant

ADVOC is a company that is always expanding, learning new information, and utilizing the most current technologies available in refining, producing, and packaging edible culinary oils. Over the years, from generation to generation, ADVOC has grown exponentially in terms of production capacity as well as market share. Now, ADVOC has several independent filling stations and is capable of packaging multiple oil types rapidly to meet consumer demand.

The plant has a production capacity of approximately 60,000 metric tons of edible oil per annum. ADVOC’s plants can complete physical and chemical refining of oils to ensure their nutritional value. ADVOC’s main plant occupies a floor space of “27,000 sq m” and is located at Port Zayed, Al Mina, Abu Dhabi. ADVOC employs more than 250 qualified professionals who oversee every step of the production, refining, and packaging process.

The automatic filling lines are designed to handle various packaging requirements ranging from 500 ml plastic containers to 210 liter steel drums.

One of the key capabilities of the ADVOC plant is its “winterizing” process capability. Winterization of oil is a process that removes the higher melting point parts from oil, like waxes or triglycerides, by slowly cooling oils and removing saturated glycerides from the solvent. This process helps the oil to have a clear look, and to be stored more effectively for future and ongoing use.

The ADVOC plant houses utilizes the latest edible oil process technologies, in part gained from European knowledge of how to refine, pack, and preserve oils effectively and efficiently. The ADVOC factory is fully automated and is controlled by a central computer, which gives a complete overview of the production process. By using a computer program to view production progress, ADVOC eliminates room for human error, thus making the production flow smooth and completely regulated. The central control system used by ADVOC was designed to control each and every variable involved in the oil refining process, once again helping in product consistency.

The plant is also capable of producing specialty oleo chemicals, a chemical compound derivative from the vegetable oils. The plant includes an acidulation unit that converts the by-product (soap stock) into acid oil. Always to committed to customer satisfaction, and to better environment conservation, the plant has an overflow treatment plant for handling effluents.