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The ADVOC distribution network is extensive and reaches millions of consumers across the region on a daily basis. ADVOC brands are active in more than 25 countries in the region and beyond.

ADVOC and ADVOC partners distribute nearly 17 brands of edible oil along including packing third party brands. The distribution network is powered by strong logistics, supply chain and warehousing facilities, which are in place to prevent any products with even the smallest of blemishes from hitting the shelves. ADVOC exports its products directly to the GCC, MENA region and beyond via trusted commercial partners.
The ADVOC sales team is always committed and passionate about bringing the best brands to the most people possible. The sales team continuously strives to reach additional and new markets while still catering to the demands of the existing thriving markets.

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Our Distribution

ADVOC’s distribution network is global, and is always growing bigger day by day; ADVOC has supply chains, warehousing facilities, and a team of professionals working to bring you high-grade Coroli oils.