Vision, Mission & Philosophy



To be the best edible oil producer in the region, while not forgetting our environmental impact, and the importance of healthy living.



To serve the needs of customers, consumers, and the environment by nurturing sustainable growth through our people and our brands.
To build upon the name of our well-established premium brands and adhere to the highest standards at our state-of-the-art refinery facilities, while placing strong emphasis on food safety and quality, and environmental integrity.
To meet the demands of an ever-changing health conscious society through delivering high-quality consumable edible culinary oils at the highest standards



Our business philosophy is centred on our customer satisfaction and customer needs, because we care about providing you, our valued customer, with high-quality edible culinary oils. Our core focus and business strategy is based upon two simple facts:

1. Our Commitment to Quality and Food Safety
2. Focus on Customer Satisfaction
In following our own philosophy, we adhere to the highest European production, refining, packaging, and distribution standards to produce and develop high grade edible oils, derived from the purest natural ingredients.

Throughout production, packaging, and distribution we remain dedicated to meet the requirements of our retail, industrial, and institutional customers, and stakeholders who highly trust our facility and process. We know that our customers and consumers, trust in the top quality of our products, in addition to the health benefits that they provide. We continuously ask questions, research, and then invest in infrastructure, technology, innovation and human resources to provide the best possible oils for our valuable customers. We strive for innovation and challenge the industry, by paving new ways to create value for our customers in the edible oil market.