Quality and Safety

We make our oils using high quality resources from trusted companies and farmers all across the globe to ensure the high value of our oils and its superiority against other competitor oils. We make all types of oil that our customers use in every day cooking, such as corn, sunflower, canola, olive oil, and palm olein. Our range of edible oils is produced from high quality raw materials sourced from the world’s largest suppliers from across the world. Because we value the satisfaction of our consumers, the oil is refined in our state-of-the-art refinery under stringent supervision and quality control.

Edible oils have a very important role to play in our daily life.You may not realize it, but perhaps you use and or cook with edible oils on a daily basis. When you get up in the morning and fry an egg, or when you return from a long day of work, and prepare a scrumptious sauce for your pasta, you are using edible cooking oils. Edible oils are one of the main energy sources for the human body, and a very important part of the daily diet, and even daily life!

Therefore, we know that quality matters. What you consume affects not only your physical health, but also your energy level, and your overall well-being as a person. The quality and safety of edible oil can easily be affected by many factors including methods of oil production and processing, packaging materials and distribution methods. We want our customers to be very informed about the risks and benefits of each and every process involved from the production to usage of the edible oils.

In order to ensure the safety of our goods, and their health benefits, ADVOC has established management systems to provide preventative safety controls, good hygiene practices and operation procedures. Every aspect of the life cycle of our products right from sourcing of raw materials to the shelving at the retail stores is safe-guarded by our food safety regulations. We strictly adhere to national laws, regulations and standards for production of our edible oils to ensure food quality and safety.

ADVOC has quality control in place for each and every stage of production, from sourcing and refining to the packaging and distribution of ADVOC products. ADVOC’s modern facilities, robust processes and systems, and state-of-the-art technology ensure quality control. Additionally, a team of professionals including highly trained scientists and technicians, who fully comply with international standards, oversee every step of the production, packaging, and distribution process. ADVOC’s quality control experts constantly monitor samples and perform various chemical and physical analyses to ensure consistency of the product, as well as adherence to international standards.

ADVOC is one of a select few companies that develops and makes use of their own PET bottles, which are extremely hygienic and are freshly-blown and filled during production. This process ensures unique top-quality and exceptionally safe products to our valued customers.

ADVOC continuously strives to improve product reliability with optimal cost and commercial viability, in order to not only provide you with a high-quality safe product, but to also maintain reasonably priced goods. ADVOC has set strict standards for handling vendors and service providers with proven capabilities to succeed their expectations.

Since the establishment of ADVOC’s Quality Control Department in June 1998, the laboratory has undergone major upgrades to meet ADVOC’s unquenchable thirst for product quality and their relentless efforts to deliver the best to its consumers. Moreover, while completing upgrades, ADVOC entered the export market to make ADVOC products more globally accessible.

The QC (quality control) team is comprised of laboratory technicians overseen by supervisors as well as quality control managers who directly report to the CEO. The quality control team has been assigned the responsibility of completely and wholly checking all materials that come and go from ADVOC. They check everything from the receiving of edible oil shipments to packaging materials. The quality control process extends to refined bleached deodorized oil and finished goods storage in the warehouse.

Abu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Company follows the key elements necessary for fine Quality Control Management:

  • Quality Standards
  • Product Standards
  • Process-Operation Standards
  • Training program for personnel working on process and production to understand the principles behind process operation and quality control management
  • Training program for the maintenance personnel on routine and preventive maintenance for all areas of the facilities.

The Main Objectives of the Quality Control Department:

1. 100% standard compliance for the finished-product
To ensure that the products meet desired standards, quality checks start right at the raw material sourcing level. No product leaves the ADVOC production line until our stringent product quality specifications are met and surpassed.

2. Total compliance with the process standards
To maintain product stability, and our ADVOC guarantee of customer satisfaction, the ADVOC production line follows strict process standards at each stage of development. The process checks are carried out when shipments received, and during the refining process, as well as bottling and shipping. The products are carefully monitored and checked to be certain that only the best product with the highest quality hits the retailer racks.

3. Zero Defect Shipment
ADVOC constantly strives to achieve zero defect shipment of its products. ADVOC knows that prevention is a key element to ensuring that all products have zero defects, even during shipment and distribution.
This is achievable only through preventive measures during all steps of the production process. The products ADVOC ships meet the “Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL)” which defines the minimum quality level that any product being shipped should meet. ADVOC runs regular checks on outgoing shipments of products to ensure that inventory meets and exceeds AQL guidelines. On the rare occasion when a product is damaged or deemed unsafe during shipment and delivery, it may be due to storage condition, lack of inventory rotation, and or quality of raw materials, etc.

4. Zero Customer Refusal
ADVOC takes customer refusal of a product, if it ever happens, very seriously. A returned product costs ADVOC in terms of product recycling and loss of customer confidence. We are concerned not only about the lost cost of production, packaging and shipment, but also the potential loss of our valued customer. ADVOC applies the best systems and procedures to avert any potential problems that may arise regarding customer satisfaction.

5. Minimal Reprocessing
Strict in-process quality control will result in reprocessing. Reprocessing and loss of customer confidence can be avoided by prevention methods, including following proper protocols and procedures and plant oversight carried out by an effective and efficient management team. Prevention to reprocessing is important, because the plant will incur increased costs during reprocessing. The cost of reprocessing depends on the stage of production. The more advanced production step at which the product was sent for reprocessing, the higher the cost will be to complete reprocessing. Therefore, ADVOC tries to limit the reprocessing to around 2% of the plant production.

Product Quality Standards

The standards set for our products are at extremely high levels. Apart from general quality standards, which every responsible company should use, ADVOC uses in-place standards specific to the products based on the following aspects:

Usage and application

ADVOC’s range of edible oils includes sunflower oil, corn oil, palm oil, soybean oil, canola oil and olive oil, just to name a few of ADVOC’s culinary oil products. Each and every of ADVOC’s products has its own unique and individual applications and uses. The quality standards for each product are consistent with the high standards of quality and food safety that ADVOC follows.

Quality requirement of markets and customers

ADVOC products are spread across the diverse MENA region, which is home to many different and unique cultures. Culinary art and cooking styles have flourished throughout the MENA region, and also with the help of ADVOC. ADVOC knows that oil plays an integral part of the routine diet of the population. ADVOC has the unique advantage of understanding the market demands and customer preferences, due to their longstanding presence in the MENA region, their intensive research on customer preferences, environment conservation, and high-end technology. ADVOC utilizes all of their research combined with great thinking minds in every step of product development, packaging, and distribution. This understanding reflects the high-quality product guarantee, and the attentiveness to customer concerns and inquiries that is exhibited by ADVOC.

Shelf-life stability of the product

The strong regional distribution network of ADVOC ensures the excellent value, food safety, and shelf life of all ADVOC products. Because ADVOC is greatly concerned with product and food safety, ADVOC takes extra time to control and distribute of all the products from the plant to various consumer points across global markets. This careful and thoughtful process requires a high level of caution and care, especially while in transit and while at sales points. ADVOC takes extra care on the pre-sales and post-sales shelf life stability of the product, to ensure food safety, and customer satisfaction. This ensures that the product is of desired quality for a long-period of time, even taking into consideration the amount of time a customer may use to finish a bottle of oil in his kitchen. ADVOC has systems and practices in place to ensure that sufficient shelf-life is achieved across all products that are shipped to every location across the globe, whether purchased in-store or online.

The unique advantage of the products over the competition

ADVOC’s range of products enjoys distinctive advantages over its competition, due to the intense desire to listen to customer demands, market research, and long-standing brand name recognition. ADVOC is uniquely able to produce just the right kind of refined oil suited to the taste-buds of the regional population. Brands like COROLI enjoy great market share, and the success is attributed to the ADVOC quality procedures that are in place.

In order to maintain consistent product lines, ADVOC follows and practices a well-defined process standard. ADVOC is always diligently working on, creating, improving, and evolving systems in order to monitor and control all processes.  The process standards are set with clear objectives and are completely measurable, and are reached

step by step in a logical and methodical way. Ultimately, having universal and process standards all across the ADVOC company ensures product safety, high-quality taste, customer satisfaction, company growth and expansion internationally, and that regulations are actively followed.

The processing standards are incorporated into the conditions and methodology of sourcing, processing, packaging and distribution of products.  All variables like temperature, pressure, starting and ending conditions, etc. are systematically recorded and controlled. Furthermore, ongoing training is always provided to the ADVOC team to educate and update process standards.


Environmental Safety

ADVOC is committed to minimize their environmental impact by controlling the factors that cause pollution. ADVOC knows that taking a proactive approach to protecting the environment and fulfilling local legal obligations and compliance with the widely-accepted norms and practices are an important part of environmental safety.



Occupational Health & Safety

ADVOC takes occupational health and safety very seriously, and places strong emphasis on the identification and mitigation of health and safety issues in the workplace. Trainings are offered at various intervals to employees to keep employees up to date on current occupational health and safety practices, regulations, and systems and procedure improvements.




ADVOC’s commitment to standards, quality and safety is certified and acknowledged by international bodies of certification. ADVOC products (sunflower oil, corn oil, palm olein, vegetable ghee, canola oil, margarine and shortening) are officially HALAL certified by the pioneering Halal Certification Body in the GCC.