Corn Oil

 Corn oil is also another popular option for all your deep-frying needs! Regardless of what food you like to deep-fry whether it be eggs, sausages, french fries, corn oil is a fine choice for deep-frying, and it’s healthy too! Corn oil contains polyunsaturated fatty acids and low saturated fat levels; it also it is known for lowering your cholesterol. This is possible, because sterol compounds, that come from plant sources, have the capacity and ability to reduce absorption of cholesterol.


Because ADVOC cares about the production of their oils, Coroli corn oil is produced at a high smoke point of 230 degrees. This high smoke point is what makes it an excellent choice for your deep-frying needs such as tempura and chips.

ADVOC culinary oil nutrition facts:

Why are corn oils good for your health?
Corn oil is rich in linoleic acids and other PUFAs (Polyunsaturated fatty acids). As with many food and nutrients, your body needs everything in moderation. Over time scientists and nutritionists have proved you can eat almost anything in moderation. In order for you to be heart healthy, you need a diet that contains about 8–10% of the total energy that PUFAs produce. PUFAs are also well-known for their ability to lower cholesterol levels.