Bakery Fats

 Any good baker knows that high-quality ingredients are the key to success, and perhaps also the best cookie or cake! ADVOC produces a wide range of bakery fats developed and specially formulated to meet stringent and demanding bakery uses and applications. ADVOC’s Bakery fats are produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi, under selective process conditions. Because ADVOC understands the importance of making high-quality products, ADVOC also gives a 100% guarantee that ADVOC products were manufactured using the highest food safety standards.


Our bakery fats are specially formulated to provide:

  • Superior batter aeration with excellent creaming properties
  • Good dough plasticity and Kneadability
  • improved stale resistance for baked goods
  • Resistance to Oxidation and thermal decomposition during frying.

Bakery Margarine

Lite Life All Purpose Margarine is suitable for making cakes, cookies, biscuits, breads, and other baked goods.

Lite Life Croissant and Puff Pastry Margarines are specially designed for making a variety of pastry products such as croissants, Danish pastries, etc.

Bakery Shortening

Our All Purpose Shortening is made from a healthy blend of non-hydrogenated vegetable oils to suit the most demanding requirements in terms of melting point, sheen and texture in various baking applications. Our All Purpose shortening is perfect for preparation of breads, cookies, cream fillings, frostings, etc.

Deep Frying Fat

Our deep frying oils and fats are formulated to provide excellent resistance to thermal degradation, oxidation and excellent fat turnover. We provide frying fats in pourable, semi solid and solid form according to customer requirement.